Odd Future's Tyler the Creator recently dressed up as tennis' Williams sisters for a new TV show on Adult Swim. Next year, Odd Future will have an Adult Swim show called "Loiter Squad."

Tyler and fellow Odd Future member Lionel Boyce dressed as Venus and Serena and recorded themselves on a tennis court in Miami, Florida. They even managed to fool some tennis fans who mistook them for the sisters.

They said there was a big crowd of people, waiting on the arrival of the Williams sisters. I peaked around the corner to see everyone, and a couple of people cheered a little. I guess from a distance our costumes looked pretty real. Tyler had on a white tank top, a pink skirt and a wig with individual braids and beads in it. I had on a curly, blond wig, a padded tank top and pink tennis shorts...The closer we got, the more people realized it wasn't the Williams sisters -- it was just two big black guys dressed up like them.