Akon's newly-signed artist, OG Boo Dirty, is going uber-scary for Halloween this year with his new video for "Billion."

The visual kicks off with a faux version of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump chastising his assistant for not getting a car to pick them up fast enough. But when a car does shop up, it's certainly not the right one as faux Trump and his assistant are taken into the van and kidnapped.

In the meantime, Dirty raps about wanting to gain more cash. "I just want me a billion," he repeats over and over before he admits that he just "ran through a million."

When Dirty and the faux Trump meet face to face, the faux Trump tries to bluff his way out of the situation. "You made a huge mistake," said the faux Trump to his captors later on the four-minute clip. "I'm going to have this place swarming in a second." But then he tells his assistant to "Call the CIA or the Secret Service or whatever." "With what phone?" she quips back.

Next plan: He says that they can make a deal since he's "amazing at deals" and "the best there's ever been at deals."

And, of course, by now we know exactly what Dirty wants. "I just want me a billion," he says. Unfortunately, the faux Trump doesn't have it but he assures the rhymer that he has love for "the brothers."

"I love the brothers, I love the Mexicans, I'm not building a wall, I'm full of s---. I just say those kinds of things. It pops into my mind, people cheer, I say it." Ha!

Dirty is one of Akon's latest signee's to his label, Konvict Kartel.

Check out the Akon and Ben Marc-directed video above.


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