Is anyone really surprised that more than 20% of men don't change their underwear every day?

Maybe the real surprise comes when you find out how many women admit to not switching out the 'underoos'!

The Scotsman reports that a little more than 5% of women admit to wearing the same underwear multiple days.

If you ask me I think that the numbers for men and women are grossly under what they actually are.

The survey also found:

42% of people say they do laundry two or three times a week, while  38% do it four or more times a week.

52% of people wash a shirt after one wearing regardless if it looks dirty or not.

74% of people wash their towels at least weekly, but only 53% wash their sheets weekly.

Ironing was voted the most polarizing laundry-related chore.  It scored the highest hate score, but also one of the highest love scores with 12% of people say they LOVE ironing.

What's your dirty laundry secret?