Check out this chick Megan Nicole sing Lil Wayne's "How To Love". She does a very good job. I think she may find herself getting signed or at least doing the Conan O'Brien Show! Shoot this went up on 7/2 and she has over 1 million views already!

People are really learning how to use the web! Get a nice camera, someone to film you, and rock out! Instant Web Stardom. Ok maybe it's not that easy. I mean you do have to have some talent or be a complete idiot. This girl is the former. She can sing , and she's cute. Not sure if I can say that so if she's under 18 I meant that in a little Sister way. Wayne should do a Pop remix with her. I think all Americans would love him if he did that. Maybe even Bill O'Rilley. So what do you think of this? Is she on Karmin's level?