Heartbreak Gang's P-Lo has been a name to watch in the Bay Area for years, and his latest video shows why. His new visual is for his summer 2017 song "Feel Good," which also features G-Eazy.

The video starts with P-Lo sitting in a crowded movie theater, in deep thought. The camera zooms out, and it becomes clear that he's the only guy in the theater, surrounded by beautiful women. The visual then heads outside, with an assortment of women wearing neutral-colored outfits. G-Eazy pulls up and raps from atop the trunk of a car, then walks through the crowd of girls.

P-Lo gets right to the point, being clear about what he wants. "Make me feel good, make me feel great," he smoothly raps. "Girl, muthafuck your boyfriend/Ooh, he do not matter at this moment/She gon' ride that thang like she stole it,."

G-Eazy, not one to be outshined, also does his thing. "Uh, hop in that 'Rari and I'm passing ya, vroom/I keep a baddie riding passenger," he spits, flexing how well things are going. "And I'm like damn, she got some ass on her/I'm talking business on the phone with the ambassador."

In May 2017, P-Lo released his album, More Than Anything, where "Feel Good" originated. Soon after, he dropped his creative "The End" video, shot through the viewpoint of an iPhone.

In August of last year, he sat down with XXL and discussed his rise through the ranks, and attracting the attention of a rap legend. "E-40…he’s been here for three decades and he was able to stay relevant and that’s something that I would want to do for myself," he shared happily. "Just for him to acknowledge my work and acknowledge what I’m doing is like a dream come true. When I was a little kid I used to slap E-40’s CDs. So for him to just acknowledge what I’m doing is almost surreal."

Watch P-Lo's "Feel Good" video below.

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