Paul Wall is back with a new video "Han Solo on 4s" just in time to give his fans some new album vibes, as this is the first single of his ninth studio album The Houston Oiler that drops October 21. This project follows Wall's 2015 album release, Slab God.

If you're unsure of what the title actually means, after listening to the song and watching the video, the parking lot heartbreaker makes it very clear what he means.

He raps over the smooth Houston beat for the hook: "Riding Han Solo all by myself/ cause associating with suckas is bad for my health/ I'm riding' Han Solo on 4s/ Han Solo on 4s (on 4s)/ No fake friends/ no fake hoes/ I'm Han Solo on 4s."

In the video, Paul is cruising through the city in his souped-up, candy paint red slab taking viewers on a very visually-trippy experience. The car, which has a trunk that opens up to display "THIS WHY YA HOE BEEN MI55IN" in neon lights, is a classic and appears to be the same one used in Drake's "Child's Play" video and also in Trae Tha Truth's "Ridin Top Dine."

Watch the Grill God's Michael Artis-directed video above.


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