Just when you think the whole Paula Deen racist controversy cant get any worse someone comes to the rescue but ends up making it worse.

Recent allegations have been brought up against famous cook Paula Deen saying that she would use racial slurs towards black people. When asked about this Paula admitted to using the N-word on multiple occasion. well just like you would assume the world was outraged by what she said. She has since apologized but it did now make anything better. There were even rumors going around that she planed to have a Civil War themed party with actors dressed as slaves. She has since been dropped by the Food Network and Smithfield Meats.

While it doesn't look good for Paula there are still people in her corner that are saying that these allegations are false. Her sons have came out to defend her as well as the husband of the cook queen. If you ask me the sons are only doing it to save there shows and the husband is doing it to save his plate. But there was one person that cam to her defense out of no where. That was a employee of Paula's named Joe who took time out of his schedule to talk to Ricky Burns on Nightclub 937.