Naked & Afraid is an actual reality show that just began its fifth season on the Discovery Channel, but it sounds so much like something that was cooked up in the SNL writers’ room that you can be forgiven for thinking it’s entirely a gag. The premise is patently ridiculous: two strangers are thrown into the wild without clothing or supplies and must survive for 21 days. But SNL has devised a “celebrity” edition of the show and they tossed guest host Peter Dinklage and the incredible Leslie Jones into it.

Dinklage may be the big name guest star here, but his job is really all about just reacting to Jones, who is a force of nature. Jones is fierce and deranged and completely irresponsible, proving once again that she is one of SNL’s strongest assets and most consistently reliable actors. Like the best comedic performers, there’s not a scrap of shame to be found on her. She’s fearless. Watching her spoon a terrified Dinklage is a real treat.

Although SNL has a history of running great jokes into the ground, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to see more guest stars being forced to join Leslie Jones on Naked & Afraid: Celebrity Edition. Make it happen.