One Direction is the biggest boy band in the world, and that means countless tortured dads will be accompanying their screaming daughters to 1D concerts.

Every generation of daughters has that one band that they must see live in concert.  The daughters are usually not old enough to drive, or at least attend a concert by themselves.

They need someone to take them . . . a parent . . . a dad.

Fatherly law constitutes that you must take your daughter to the concert to win her undying love for you, but it comes at a cost.

Every ear piercing scream kills you're soul a tiny little bit at a time.  That's what you are witnessing in the video above.

So the next time you see a dad blankly staring forward at the, "biggest concert of the year" . . . take a minute to acknowledge he exists.  Buy him a beer, or even flash him a smile because all he's trying to do is be a great dad.

Knowing that one day my own daughter will be taking me to one of these concerts, all I can do is smile.  I could also learn all the words to her favorite songs so that I can sing and dance wildly at the show . . . I actually like that idea.

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