UPDATE (May 1):

Organizers of The Smoker’s Club Fest have issued a statement to XXL regarding the abrupt halt of Playboi Carti’s show.

The statement reads: "Performances at the main stage were temporarily paused to allow the local fire department to examine a portion of railing. After the fire department’s review and approval, performances resumed as planned."


Playboi Carti’s show at the Smoker's Club Fest was shut down after fans rushed the stage and broke the barricade.

According to the New York Post on Sunday (May 1), festivalgoers tried to bumrush the VIP section during Playboi Carti’s set at the Smoker's Club Fest in San Bernardino, Calif., on April 29.

In a clip circulating on Twitter, security guards are rushing to a scene where hundreds of people have broken through a barricade and a stampede erupted inside the Glen Helen Amphitheater. Once the security team arrived at the scene, they blocked off the area while fans fled in a hurry. It appears no one was injured during the melee and no arrests were made.

Unfortunately, Carti’s 7 p.m. show was cut short after he performed only two songs. During the Whole Lotta Red creator’s set, his music was turned off mid-performance and someone entered the stage to address the crowd. The person commanded festivalgoers located near the railing to step back because of a safety issue so the show could proceed further.

Once the railing was inspected and no other damages were found on the site, the stage reportedly resumed with A$AP Rocky and Kid Cudi completing their sets without any interruption. Additionally, scheduled performances at the two other stages—Smokers Club and Mary Jane—were reportedly not interrupted.

The annual California festival draws thousands of fans eager to catch some of their favorite rappers rocking the mic. Among this year’s headlining acts include 2 Chainz, Wale, Joey BadA$$, Rico Nasty, Wiz Khalifa, Chief Keef and more.

XXL has reached out to Playboi Carti’s reps for comment.

Check out some fans' reaction to Playboi Carti’s show being cut short below.

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