It seems like PnB Rock is a huge fan of DaBaby.

On Tuesday (Oct. 15), the 2017 XXL Freshman jumped on his Instagram Live to chat with his fans. When someone asked Rock to pick between DaBaby and Gucci Mane, he quickly showed his support for the 2019 XXL Freshman alum.

“I ain’t gonna cap, I’m fuckin’ with DaBaby,” he said. “He the new Gucci. He be talkin’ his shit. I’m fuckin’ with it.”

Rock also shouted out fellow rapper Dave East. “[That’s] my brother,” he said. “He was on my first mixtape ever. We’ve been tapped in.”

Also, contrary to blog reports, PnB Rock was never arrested in Watts, Calif. If you look closely at his IG live at the bottom, the 27-year-old rapper pinned a message that reads, "Stop Saying Free PNB I Ain't Neva Got Booked."

The Philadelphia native is referring to footage that surfaced on Monday afternoon of what appears to be Rock seemingly being detained by police. In the clip, a woman is in her car filming police placing a man in custody on a busy street. As the car gets closer to the scene, we see a man with dreadlocks handcuffed and be placed inside a police cruiser.

"Who is that?" the woman asks as she looks further. "Oh, that's PnB Rock. Heeyy!" she screams, adding, "that's PnB Rock getting arrested, what the fuck? Free him."

You can watch PnB Rock proclaim that DaBaby is the new Gucci Mane below.

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