An unbelievable scene was caught on camera as a police officer in New York pulled his gun on six teens armed with snowballs.

The video of a New York officer pulling his gun on a bunch of teens having a snowball fight has riled up many people lately, but there may be more to the story.

The video shows the cop, with his weapon drawn, yelling at a group of teens to get on their knees.  The teens are then searched, all while a man films the process from his phone.

Initially, people were outraged that a cop would use his gun to break up a snowball fight.  However, the 911 calls leading up to this event tell a different story.

According the blog, Talk of the Sound, the police were called to the scene by a woman claiming that a man had a gun.  The officers say that there was no snowball fight, and that when they arrived a man tried to adjust his waistband and ran.

We're just glad that this situation didn't end with another tragedy, and hopefully the truth about what caused the officer will be found.