Post Malone is always switching up his style when it comes to his appearance, but now he's adding another element to his face by adding some new ink.

The "Rockstar" rapper gets a new tattoo right above his right eyebrow, which reads "stay away" in cursive font. The tattoo is in reference to Nirvana's song "Stay Away." There's no word on when exactly he got the new ink, but he comments on his reasoning for getting the new tat with TMZ.

According to Post, his mother isn't too pleased that he got the tattoo in the first place, but he says that he loves her regardless of his rebellious actions. "I kind of just wanted [to] piss my mom off," he explains. "I know she's really upset, but I love you so much, mama, you're the best. I'm sorry."

Then he admits that the phrase used in the tattoo is song lyrics, and decided to get the ink on his face to see "how ignorant" he could be. "No, I mean it's fucking song lyrics." "I figured how ignorant can I be, so [I'll] just fucking tattoo my face. You only live once."

Some fans are wondering if the tattoo pays homage to the late rapper Lil Peep, who reportedly overdosed last month before his concert in Arizona. The 21-year-old had multiple face tattoos, including one above his own right eyebrow that read "cry baby." Post recently got a tattoo in honor of Peep on his arm, which displays an image of the late rising star.

See the video of Post Malone explaining his new tattoo on his face below.

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