After a nine-year breakup, R&B group Pretty Ricky have reunited and are back in the studio recording their “final album.” On Saturday (Nov. 12), Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P unveiled the good news on his Instagram account, much to his followers’ surprise.

In one photo, members Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper, Blue "Spectacular" Smith, Ala Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith and Corey "Slick'em" Mathis are all posing together in the studio. “[Pretty Ricky] in the studio working on one last album one last tour,” reads the caption.

In a series of videos, Pleasure P invites fans into the studio as he records his verses on several songs, including one called “Panties Off.”

Pretty Ricky was a popular R&B group in the mid-00’s releasing such chart-topping hits such as "Grind With Me" and "Hotline," among many others In 2007, the foursome broke up after Pleasure P left the group due to creative differences.

Pleasure P would go on to have brief success as a solo artist in 2009 with his debut effort, The Introduction of Marcus Cooper, which spawned his biggest hit "Boyfriend #2" and three Grammy nominations. But after controversy surrounding charges of alleged child molestation, which he called “100-percent false,” his career stalled.

Fans on Twitter seemed pretty excited (excuse the pun) for the group's final album and tour.

"Pretty Ricky helped most of us realize we were freaks at a young age," tweeted one person. Another fan wrote, Pretty Ricky are making one last album and having a tour. I hope it's as lit as they were like ten years ago!"

Check out Pleasure P's video below.