The security camera footage of this prisoners escape attempt is actually serious business.  The guards, prisoner and other inmates are all put in serious danger during the entire thing.  Somehow though, you forget all of that when the Benny Hill theme music is playing.  It just makes it all seem so comical and fun.

This video is actually at the center of a serious controversy involving a former employee at the prison.  Check out the how one disgruntled employee decided to get some revenge on his former workplace.

The long version of the story can be found on the Times Union website.

The short version is that a guard who was let go after claiming harrasment from his co-workers, decided to get some revenge.  He set the video of this attempted escape to music, and made the police, and prison employees look like the Keystone Cops.

This only proves my theory that anything is funny when you play this music behind it.