This is insanity. Danny Williams is a beast!

Back in 2000 Danny Williams took on Mark Potter for the Commonwealth title and the vacant British title. During the 6th round Williams dislocated his shoulder. You can actually hear the shoulder pop out of place.

Now you're probably thinking "Oh that's cool but I bet he didn't win the fight."...wrong. Not only did he fight for 2 and 1/2 minutes with a dislocated shoulder, but he knocked out his opponent with a left uppercut for the W! What a warrior! THIS is why I have so much respect for Boxing. You don't see stuff like this in any other professional sport. Boxers in my opinion are some of the most determined athletes in all of sports.

Oh and here's a Fun Fact: Williams is one of only 5 fighters to KO the legendary Mike Tyson.

Check out the video below...