Woah, things are about to get pretty trippy in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor's city council is hoping to increase the awareness and understanding of the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelic plants. That's right, there actually are real benefits with psychedelics aside from hanging with your friends under a starry night sky trippin. They can be really beneficial for mental health and spiritual growth.

Ann Arbor voted 10-0 recently to approve and declare September as Entheogenic Plant and Fungi Awareness Month. In short, they're planning to hold a psychedelic mushroom festival every year to celebrate and raise awareness.

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When is the festival?

Entheo Fest will take every September in Ann Arbor. This year they're planning on holding the event on September 19th from 11:11 am to 2:22 pm. I'm sure there's some sort of significance to the weird time frame that it's being held, but I'm unaware.

Where will Entheo Fest take place?

The event will take place on the University of Michigan Diag ( UofM campus on the steps of the Hatcher graduate library). If you've ever been to Hash Bash, you know exactly where it's at.

According to their website, The Entheofest is a free speech event celebrating sacred plant medicine. This will be an annual event commemorating the anniversary of Ann Arbor’s resolution to decriminalize entheogen plants and fungi.

Council Member Jeff Hayner, D-1st Ward:

We’re going to have Entheo Fest here in Ann Arbor and I think it’s kind of exciting that we’re exploring these new boundaries, that we’re looking at alternatives to mental health solutions, improvements to mental health solutions, and so on.

This isn't going to be a bunch of people standing around taking shrooms and tripping their balls off. This is going to be more of an educational event. There's going to be speakers, musical entertainment, educational booths and activist organizations.

Source: MLive/Entheo Fest

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