R. Kelly continues to come under serious fire in the public eye, as two more women speak out to accuse the singer of sexual abuse. According to a May 4 report by BuzzFeed, one woman claims to have had a physically and mentally abusive relationship with the veteran R&B star in the late 90s when she was underage, while another claims that her daughter is currently "brainwashed" and still part of his alleged sex cult.

The first woman, whose name is Lizzette Martinez, claims that she struck up a relationship with Kellz in 1995 when she was 17 years old, which is a year below the age of consent in the state of Florida. After meeting him at a Miami shopping mall, the vocalist allegedly took her virginity and physically hit her on five occasions.

“It was very controlled: what I wore, how I spoke, who my friends were, who I could bring around,” she revealed.

Martinez also says that he pressured her to have sex with him against her will before ending their relationship in 1999.

“I did these things, and I felt like it was always — he was directing stuff," she explained. "You know, it felt really weird. He was really overbearing… I’m like, ‘I don't want to do that.’ But he has a way with people, with women. He’s just so controlling, so abusive."

She also revealed that after hitting her on multiple occasions, Kellz had a charming way of being able to manipulate women into forgiveness.

“Then he’s a nice guy afterward: ‘I love you. I’m sorry. You know, I’m going to help you. I’m going to do everything for you, but you have to listen to me,’" she described. "It was always I wasn’t listening to him. You know, a typical domestic abusive relationship, and this was, like, my first relationship in my life.”

Along with the abuse, Martinez claims that she became pregnant with the singer's child, and while he pressured her to have an abortion, she ended up having a miscarriage. She later caught mononucleosis from the singer, and after recovering from the illness in the hospital, she was able to split from Kelly for good in 1999.

Meanwhile, a mother,who claims that her daughter has been brainwashed and a part of R. Kelly's alleged sex cult since she was 17 years old, is sharing her concern for her daughter's safety. The outlet names the now-27-year-old as "N.," with her mother, Michelle, worried that she is in danger after not speaking to her for three months.

“I don’t know what hold he has on her, but her last words to me was, ‘Don’t ever give up on me,’” Michelle said.

Michelle also says that August 2016 was the last time she saw her daughter when she caught an ear ache, but eventually, Kellz made her get a different phone and number, which is when contact became much more minimal. She claims that the singer would answer the phone and tell her that N. was unavailable, and soon, she became unable to get any answer at all.

Both women express deep concern for those who are still allegedly involved with Kellz, but many social media users have faith that things may change due to the recent statement from the Women of Color within Time's Up. The group is currently leading a movement titled #MuteRKelly which is attempting to convince music streaming platforms and ticket companies to cease promotion of R. Kelly.

Read the full feature on the two women accusing R. Kelly of sexual abuse over at BuzzFeed.

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