R. Kelly's brother Carey Kelly accuses the disgraced singer of lying, spreading STDs and abandoning their family in a new diss track titled "I Confess" released Friday (Aug. 3).

The song comes in response to "I Admit," a 19-minute song R. Kelly posted on Instagram in July that addresses widespread allegations that he sleeps with underage girls and is holding women hostage in what one of the women's parents have described as a "cult."

On the track, the R&B singer admits to sexual relations with "young ladies" but denies he's a pedophile. He also briefly accuses his brothers of abandoning him and claims their mother "must be turning over in her grave."

Carey Kelly, who raps under the name "Killa," doesn't hold back with his response. "Should've never said my name in the song, nigga," he says, and proceeds to accuse his brother of lying, spreading STDs and not caring about their mother's death, whose gravestone he claims cost $500.

"Didn't admit to this, didn't admit to that, didn't admit the truth/Tell em why you really hate me Robert 'cus you know I got the proof," he raps.

Carey later spits, "You gave them females some crazy disease/I want you to know that momma not pleased," adding, "Momma only got a $500 tombstone/And it's sad 'cause that shit hurt 'cause he know it's dead wrong." R. Kelly was sued in May for sexual assault and failing to disclose an STD.

Killa also accuses R. Kelly of sleeping with men. "Man, tell me how them niggas tight when they don't got a wife/Somethin' ain't right, somethin' smells fishy, what's goin' on?/What kinda man wanna stay a night at a man's home?" he raps.

Carey Kelly has criticized his brother for years. He claimed in a 2006 interview that R. Kelly offered him $50,000, a record deal and a house if he agreed to say publicly that it was him, not his brother, in the sex tape that led to the singer's child pornography charges, of which R. Kelly was found not guilty. Defense attorneys reportedly submitted a clip of Carey's appearance on Judge Mathis during R. Kelly's initial trail in 2002.

Carey expands on his defense of his mother in a subsequent video posted Sunday (Aug. 5) that explains why he released "I Confess." In addition to failing to help financially when their mom died, he also claims R. Kelly didn't attend his grandmother's funeral.

"You know momma got a $500 mothafuckin' tombstone, nigga," he says. "When grandma died, nigga, you didn't even try to go to her funeral, nigga. You didn't even try to aid, assist us with burying her. She ain't got no plaque at all."

He continues, "This the streets talkin', nigga. You being judged by God and the streets, nigga. You might got off on court, not guilty, nigga, but you guilty in the mothafuckin' streets."

Listen to Carey Kelly's diss track "I Confess" and watch his explanation video below.

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