“Back in the day, when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore/But, some days, I sit and wish I was a kid again."

Ah, Ahmad tried to tell us. He spelled it all out on his sage 1994 single “Back in the Day,” but we didn’t listen. Nope. We all wanted to be grown, adulting, having sex, driving and staying up to the butt crack of dawn. But the grown-up stuff isn't all it was cracked up to be (jobs, car notes, bills, baby mamas). We were definitely forewarned that it was all so simple then.

“It's true, you don't realize really what you got til it's gone/And I'm not, gonna sing another sad song, but/Sometimes I do sit and reminisce then/Think about the years I was raised, back in the days.”

It’s too late for those of us who have already begun being beat down by the real world. But, sometimes, instead of sitting and wishing for your youth back, you have to say bump that and let the child in you be free. Some of your favorite rappers feel the same way.

Sometimes it can be spontaneous, like Lil Uzi Vert and Tyler, The Creator recently deciding to settle the score on who is the fastest by racing like kids in a back alley. Or maybe a good old-fashion slap boxing session is in order, like the late XXXTentacion trading playful blows with Members Only artists. Maybe a full-scale water gun civil war is in order.

On several occasions, some of your favorite artists have been caught on camera having fun by participating in things that many would say are jokingly youthful in nature and most of the time hilarious. XXL compiles a list of grown rappers having second childhood moments for all to see.

  • Blac Youngsta Does Back Flip Just Because

    We all grew up with that one kid who would always have to show off how badass he was by using his ability to bust out random cartwheels, round offs and back flips at any moment. It’s Blac Youngsta. He is that kid.

  • T-Pain Has Lightsaber Fight With Bodega Bamz and Friends

    Sword fighting is one of the unsung pastimes of adolescence. All you needed was two sticks, elongated pieces of metal or plastic or, if you could afford it, some fake swords or lightsabers from the toy store. T-Pain was recently captured on camera seemingly being driven by the force, having a swashbuckling good time with friends, including Harlem rapper Bodega Bamz, on a bustling city sidewalk.

  • Lil Uzi Vert and Tyler, The Creator Race Each Other Down Street

    “Race me then!” The challenge of all youthful challenges, one that must be addressed on the spot. Church shoes, bare feet, whatever. Tyler, The Creator and Lil Uzi Vert recently had a score to settle over who was the fastest and the race played out on a side street.

  • NLE Choppa Plays With Dolphins

    Seeing artists who exude the gangsta persona pushing their mean mug to the side and showing a softer surface can be hilarious. NLE Choppa recently tucked his guns cares away and enjoyed a day splashing around with dolphins.

  • Trouble and Slim Jxmmi Participate in Water Gun War

    Water gun fights are a staple of summertime fun for kids, word to Lonnie Johnson (do your Googles). During a recent heat wave in Atlanta, it was suns out, guns out for Trouble, Slim Jxmmi and dozens of kids and adults who participated in World War H2o at a local park.

  • Boosie BadAzz Attempts Ice Skating

    Boosie BadAzz is a hot boy straight outta Baton Rouge, La. but he attempted ice skating for the first time in his life in January 2018 with his children. Boosie reacts with a youthful exuberance after somewhat mastering a basic stride on the ice, even if he has to use the walker for beginners.

  • XXXTentacion and Tankhead Slap Box in Street

    Nothing says erupting adolescent machismo like, "Hey, let's square up and see if we can slap each other silly without it escalating to a full-blown fade." Slap boxing is like a right of passage. XXX and crew were filmed kidding around with slap box rounds caught on camera prior to the South Florida rapper’s death.

  • Kanye West Learns How to Skateboard

    If this video is any proof, Kanye West was clearly not about that kick push life growing up. Luckily for him, these skaters in Miami were more than willing teach Yeezy a trick or two.

  • DMX Spazzes on Slingshot Ride

    The amusement park and kids go together like sugary cereal and Saturday morning cartoons. It is the place young'uns go to have the time of their lives or possibly pet their pants on a ride they underestimated. We’re thinking DMX’s turn on the Slingshot ride a few years back fell somewhere in between.

  • Tyler, The Creator Rides Shopping Carts at Target

    As a kid, the best part of going grocery shopping with your parents—besides begging them for cavity-causing treats—was being able to ride on the shopping cart. The exhilaration of getting up to top speed, the adrenaline-pumping danger of nearly knocking over a display or hitting some rando. Even as an adult, Tyler, The Creator loves to feel the rush as he does here on a random Target shopping trip with A$AP Rocky.

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