Over the weekend no one was surprised that Raven Symone revealed that she's gay by using Twitter and now wants to get married.  Years of speculation that the 'The Cosby Show' kid was loving the ladies has finally been confirmed. 

If you haven't kept up with the child star since her departure from the show 'That's So Raven,' then the news maybe surprising to you.  We've never seen or heard of the female star in a heterosexual relationship but then again she keeps things private, until now.

I am not shocked but wondering if this will be followed up with promotion for an upcoming show or ad campaign.  I think our society is accepting of the gay community because it seems to be uncool to be against it.  Raven's coming out will only garner more support from people than it would cause a back lash.

Now that Raven Symone has come out the closet, do you think this will tarnish her career or help it?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.