Remy Ma has started a fund to help women who are unable to conceive naturally.

In an interview with Essences series, Citizens of Woke Wonderland, the rapper said that after she had a painful miscarriage this past January, she learned that she's still able to bear children, however, she can't do it naturally. Although she's in the position to afford the cost of getting help to conceive more children, she quickly realized that many women in similar situations are not in the financial position to do so.

“I was distraught, I was embarrassed, I was ashamed,” Remy admitted. “I felt less than a woman and [the doctor] assured me that was no way to feel and that for a certain amount of thousands of dollars, it can be fixed. And because I have the finances, I never even thought twice about it. I was like, ‘Alright, how many thousand? Okay, no problem We’ll start doing it right now.’”

But when she spoke about her conception complications publicly, Remy realized that many women simply can't afford to conceive unnaturally, and it affected her.

“It wasn’t until I publicly spoke about it that I realized how many women are in the same predicament as me where they actually can have children, they just need an assist from, you know, medical procedures and they can’t because they are not financially stable enough to do it,” she said. “I think the percentage is actually 80 percent of women who can’t have children. It’s not because they can’t physically have children. It’s because they can’t afford to physically have children.”

The statistic are strange to Remy, who questioned why insurance companies don't cover expenses related to conceiving a child. She questions the legislature, particularly from supposedly pro-life politicians who are so adamant about taking away a woman's right to choose but don't have programs in place to preserve the life they claim is so precious to them.

"As a woman, that's one of the things you can do that no other being can do," she says, adding that she's passionate about the issue.  "I don't feel like it should be taken away from you because of money. People put too much emphasis on money instead of life."

With the fund she's attempting to start, she plans to support those women in their efforts to get pregnant. You can watch Remy's interview below.


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