UPDATED: Allison Parker and Adam Ward were gunned down on live TV while reporting a story for WDBJ7 in Virginia.

The video of the live report shows nothing unusual in the beginning, until a number of gun shots ring out.  From there you can see the camera fall, and hear the screams, as Alison runs away.

The staff at WDBJ7 were stunned as they watched, and finally the station released a few statements concerning the tragedy on Twitter.

There is still no reason for the shooting, and officials haven't released the identity of the shooter.  You can follow the updates on the story from WDBJ7 here.

The video feed of the shooting is below, but I warn you that it is not for everyone, and knowing the end result makes it that much more gut wrenching to watch.

BREAKING: The shooter of two journalists in Virginia has been identified as disgruntled former WDBJ employee Lester Lee Flanighan

Posted by Kendall Kirkham on Wednesday, August 26, 2015