Reporting the news or weather is not as easy of a job as people think it is.  Maintaining composure on camera can be difficult at times, and when you do mess up, the whole world is there to see it.

Lindsay Nadrich is reporting in Seattle about picking Strawberries when her mouth decides it's not going to work anymore.  She drops back to back 'F-Bombs' and the look on the anchors face is probably the best reaction to anything ever.

Kristi Gordon was going through her normal weather routine when she flipped to the skycam and was ATTACKED BY A GIANT SPIDER! AGAHAHAHFHAHHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Wait, nevermind . . . it was just a spider that had found its way on to the camera lens.  I don't blame this girl one bit for her reaction though.  The only thing that a spider should be on is fire . . . or the bottom of my shoe.