Four days ahead of dropping off Revenge of the Dreamers III, Dreamville unloads "Costa Rica" and "LamboTruck," two new tracks that give fans exactly what they've been waiting for.

The first drop is "Costa Rica," a posse cut featuring J.I.D, Bas, Ski Mask The Slump God, Smokepurpp, Mez, Guapdad 4000, Reese LaFlare, Jace and Buddy. On the song, which dropped today (July 1) and was preceded by "Down Bad" and "Got Me," every artist pulls up with more than a few impressive bars to drop off.

Reese LaFlare kicks off "Costa Rica" with a hard-hitting verse followed by an ominous 16 from Bas.

"Demons, they follow me deep in the dark, Niggas got problems with being a boss/ We ain't been home but we hear all the talkin', Hit 'em with hollows and clean 'em with salt," Bas raps on the CuBeatz and PyrexTurnMeUp-produced banger.

After Jace and King Mez lay down their bars, J.I.D pulls up with a clever verse, in which he describes an instance when a random girl confused him for another famous rapper.

"Devilish, red eyes, never been on a redeye, Or shit, I be high, I forget/ Shawty said I be wildin' and trippin' when I'm on a lick, Score a penny or twenty, I'm Dominique Wilkins and shit/Really I flew to Costa Rica with an AP, At the airport, this girl ask me, "Hey, are you Swae Lee?”

The banger concludes with contributions from Buddy and Miami's own Ski Mask The Slump God. The 2018 XXL Freshman joins his fellow alum J.I.D and Smokepurpp by throwing a few ad-libs over Buddy's verse, and dropping his own slick rhymes.

"I got too much skills, I flow like the water, so surprised I did not grow gills/ And I am your father like you was Luke Skywalker, And I conquer and let it burn like Usher's perm and kill confirmed/You look concerned, respect is earned, uh," Ski Mask raps.

For his part, Purpp lets lose his own brand of free-wheeling flexes: "Lot of hoes in Costa Rica, got a passport in my pocket, And I flew with the stick, it's a rocket/ Forty-five on me, shit hot like a pocket, you ain't talkin' money, it's nonsense/ Got your baby mama doing drugs in the moshpit."

Dreamville's second brand-new banger "LamboTruck" isn't as crowded as the first record. Produced by Kal Banx, the song features Cozz, TDE's Reason and Childish Major.

The two new songs reflect the collaborative spirit J. Cole himself spoke on in the cover story for the spring issue of XXL Magazine. 

"It’s like a super-collaborative environment—inviting, welcoming. That’s taken me time to learn," explained Cole, who went on his KOD Tour last summer. "I’ve just started learning that lesson about four years ago [with 2014] Forest Hills Drive. Let me listen more. Let me allow people into this world. That came from Bas. Watching Bas work on his first couple albums was inspiring to me ’cause he’s a super-collaborative artist. He’s a nigga that needs people—the producer, the musician, ideas. I was always from a position like, I don’t need nobody. But that way was only good for so long. It got boring after a while for me. So, watching Bas was really inspiring. It allowed me to be a person that could foster this type of environment for myself and for others, where it’s like, 'You got an idea, nigga? Hell yeah, throw that shit on there.'"

Check out the two new songs for yourself. Listen to the new tracks below.

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