Rick Ross is arguably the hottest rapper alive right now. He's just inked a deal for his Maybach Music Group with Warner where he's signed up and comers Wale, and Meek Mills. Now he's going to be walking arguably the best "pound for pound" boxer in the World to the ring for Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley fight.

Rick Ross is "Winning" right now. And it seems like the "W's" aren't stopping. Now the significance to this is that Ross has recently had beefs with Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent. 50 Cent and Floyd are great friends. Which makes this interesting that Ross decides to walk Pacquio to the ring because Pacquio and Mayweather is what the world is waiting for. The fight of the Century! Ross confirmed this on his twitter account. Manny and Ross became friends while filming the "Boom" commercials for Nike. For boxing fans such as myself this could actually be a good thing. Hopefully 50 will see Ross walking Pacquiao down and then winning the fight. Then maybe Floyd will get mad and say "Let's do this" and give us all what we want!

Here's a video of 50 dissing Ross by having Ross' baby momma speak bad about him.

Here's Officer Ricky