We all know that Rick Ross has expensive taste, but the Miami rapper also claims to have expensive sweat.

On Monday (March 7), Rozay shared on his Instagram Story a video in which he informs his female fans that he might buff your face with his luxurious perspiration. "Listen ladies, when I rub this sweat on you, this is expensive sweat," he bragged in the clip.

In another edit, Ross is at a club with a female partygoer and he proceeds to rub his sweat all over her, much to her delight.

We don't know how unsanitary wiping one's sweat on another person is, but it's not something people should be doing—jokingly or not.

Nevertheless, the Maybach Music Group honcho is having a lot of fun with his short clips on the ’Gram.

Recently, Rozay had fans laughing after he posted a video of himself on Instagram trying to ride a camel as the animal is loudly growling in distress.

Before that, Ross posted a clip of himself cutting down trees after a contractor told him that it would cost $10,000 to cut down 10 trees on his property, which he calls The Promise Land.

Finally, Ross revealed on his IG Story that he named a newly purchased bull Thor. "Y'all know I just bought a bull last week. One of my homies called it a steer," he said. "I just named my steer. I named it Thor. Thor, my first bull."

"While I was asleep, Thor began whispering to me and you see this on the wall?" he continued, pointing to a painting of a buffalo behind him. "You see that? That's a buffalo. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

Ross is having way too much fun on Instagram.

In the meantime, check out Rick Ross’ expensive fleet of all-black vintage Chevrolet cars from XXL's recent digital cover story with Rozay below.

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