Ricky Gervais offered up some common sense to the victims of the celebrity nude photo scandal.

He tweeted the following message after news of the photo heist broke.

Ricky Gervais Twitter
Ricky Gervais Twitter

The problem with celebrities is that they often don't like to shoulder any of the blame for their actions, so Gervais quickly came under fire.

The backlash got so bad that he eventually removed the tweet and kind of apologized with the following tweet.

My question is why?  Why does he have to back down from an absolutely true statement like that?  It's the kind of advice that somebody's, no BS grandpa would give.

If you don't want the internet to have naked pics of you . . . .DON'T GIVE THE INTERNET NAKED PICS!

Sure the hackers are wrong for what they did, but lets not let the "victims" completely off the hook here.

Ricky did post a very revealing pic of himself too.

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