Rihanna has dipped a toe into the movie world before, taking a small part in Battleship and voicing a character in this year's animated film Home. Evidently she should accept more roles as soon as possible, because the reaction to last night's BET Awards proved that people find her acting very believable.

Just before taking the stage to present a one-minute teaser clip of her 'Bitch Better Have My Money' video, viewers at home were treated to a less anticipated live moment, in which Rihanna argued with BET president of programming, Stephen Hill. Then she threw a wad of cash in his face and walked away. People were both shocked and amused.

Allegedly angry that she wasn't allowed to just throw the money into the audience, Rihanna made it rain, hard, right on Stephen Hill's face. How satisfying does it look, to just throw a fat stack at somebody and walk away? As with her many luxurious boat-trip photos, Rihanna is here to show you a life most of us can only dream of.

Alas, viewers who either scoffed at or cheered Rihanna's antics may be disappointed to learn that it was all showmanship in the service of video promo. BET reps confirmed to Billboard that the argument was, in fact, "staged." This should surprise no one, as RiRi's night included a few bits of 'BBHMM'-related theater. Do you really think she just walks around with duct tape and a stack of money? Well, she doesn't. Probably.

Stephen Hill assured viewers that he and Rih are pals in real life, posting an Instagram photo of the two sharing affection with the caption, "We kissed and made up. #BETAwards. What a night!"

Watch the trailer for the "Bitch Better Have My Money" video, which drops Thursday July 2, below.


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