Looks like Rihanna wants to get back closer to Chris Brown. I don't think anyone is surprised by her latest move. I think its just silly that it happens two years to the date of there break up.Rihanna has decided to drop the restraining order on Chris Brown. This is a good look for both parties. Rihanna can show that she has moved pasted the incident personally and Chris Brown and move past forward in his career again. Good Job Ri Ri.

Just in time for the GRAMMY's and NBA All-Star weekend, Rihanna has reportedly agreed to lift to restraining order on Chris Brown, well, sort of. Rihanna's lawyers negotiated to reduce the restraining order against Chris Brown to a level 1 restraining order. The reduced restraining order will allow the ex-lovers to be in close proximity of each other, but still forbids contact between the two.

Both of the scorn lovers have agreed to the reduced restraining order, and are now waiting for a judge to approve and sign off on the deal. A few weeks ago in January, Chris Brown's lawyers initially requested the restraining order be lifted citing that the order was prohibiting him from attending award shows. Now, Chris Brown's people said he won't be attending the GRAMMY's due to "scheduling." Wonder if Chris Brown is going to join All-Star weekend festivities since the "No BS" singer loves basketball?

via Rihanna Agrees To Drop Restraining Order On Chris Brown (PHOTOS) | Global Grind.