At this point, almost nothing Rihanna wears surprises us. Almost. At the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, Rihanna raised eyebrows -- yet again -- with a look that flirted with being straight-up lingerie.

The style chameleon rocked an silky, ivory corset underneath a sheer robe (coat?). The whole look read seductive, but Rihanna made it work. Bonus: Those heels and the high-cut corset made her legs look a gazillion miles long.

RiRi accessorized the outfit with a sparkly necklace. (She can also totally pull off accessorizing lingerie.) We're still on the fence about whether this is a win, but we will totally give Rihanna points for pushing the limits. Also, we guarantee we wouldn't look this good if we showed up in our pajamas...

Check out Rihanna's seductive lingerie-esque ensemble in the photos below!

Pajamas? Couture? It's a fine line for sure.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Obviously, an action shot of the train in necessary. Just watch that robe billow!

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Whadda smolder.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images