Original Recipe RoboCop is back... in a KFC commercial. As cool as it is to see Murphy back in action -- I don't understand why this is a thing.

In recent years, KFC has featured a rotating cast of (mostly) recognizable players to embody their mascot The Colonel. Their latest run of commercials, however, takes the cake for WTF-dedness. That's right -- RoboCop is the new Colonel. And we're not talking about RebootCop either -- this is the OG RoboCop. You know, the one people actually liked.

Now, I could be crazy, but that sounds like Peter Weller's voice too. I was unable to confirm that, but his voice is pretty unmistakeable. It's either him or a damn good impersonator. Weller played Officer Murphy in the 1987 classic 'RoboCop,' as well as in its okay-but-vastly-inferior sequel.

It's a little disheartening to see RoboCop utilized in this way, especially after recent reports that a direct sequel to the original that retcons the other sequels and reboot (a la 'Halloween' 2018) is in development by Neill Blomkamp (District 9 'Chappie). Hopefully, Murphy's run as Colonel RoboCop doesn't kill his chances at a return.

The only thing more disappointing than RoboCop's inclusion in these commercials is the lack of RoboPuns. They really missed a few obvious ones. Here are a few RoboCop commercial pitches that KFC can pay me for later:

  • RoboCop pulls up to the drive-thru window and says "bucket of fried you're coming with me" before driving off with one of their buckets.
  • RoboCop approaches a someone who says they're hungry. His leg holster opens, the hungry person puts his hands up in fear. Instead of his gun, RoboCop pulls out a Chicken Little and fires it into the person's mouth, as he does in the "Hungry Boy" spot below. That one dude from the movie says "I'd buy that for a dollar." RoboCop voiceover says "Chicken Littles now only $1 at KFC."
  • Shot for shot remake of the commercial where the Colonel says "finger-lickin'" a bunch of times in a row, except with RoboCop.
  • Just show ED-209 falling down stairs, followed by RobocCop voiceover saying "Most KFC locations are located on ground level."

Your move, KFC. You know where to send the check.

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