Roddy Ricch has appeared to clap back at Lil Uzi Vert after Uzi unknowingly clowned the Compton, Calif. rapper for his boots.

On Thursday (Aug. 18), Roddy hopped on his Instagram Story to seemingly respond to Uzi's jokes. "U just mad these size 8s was n ya bitch. Get over it," Roddy typed with a smiling emoji wearing a halo.

Roddy's post came hours after Lil Uzi Vert posted and deleted a picture of Roddy wearing military-type boots and roasting the photo on their IG Story.

"Wtfffff," they wrote over top of the photo with a quartet of crying laughing emojis.

"Who is this I only saw the boots I hope this just a normal person," Uzi added. "Big Ass Boots."

There is a good chance Lil Uzi Vert didn't know it was Roddy in the photo, as the picture only shows the person from the waist down. Uzi removed the post shortly after people on the internet confirmed it was indeed Roddy in the photo. It doesn't appear that "The Box" rapper cares either way. It is unclear if Roddy is referring specifically about Uzi's girlfriend JT or speaking in general.

Roddy Ricch is currently working on his latest project, Feed Tha Streets 3. He recently shared an update on the project on Instagram.

"Been working hard on this Feed Tha Streets 3 album, getting back to my regular regimen and also been happier than I’ve been in a long time," he wrote. "I understand things have escalated quickly and God has taken us to places we never would’ve imagined possible but I’m here for every challenge and obstacle. Thank You to everybody whose stayed supportive of me through all the glorious moments and all the hard times."

He added, "During my process I’ve been able to work close with some amazing people on a new tech company called, ROLL. I want to be closer to my fans and show all the sides no one ever sees. I want to show my album process, my new journey of fatherhood and all the things that comes with the life of being RR."

Roddy Ricch put out the EP, The Big 3, in June.

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