There are some pretty roughneck athletes out there, capable of withstanding some rather fierce beat-downs without showing many signs of pain. None are as tough as superstar Rugby champion Paul Wood who sustained a ruptured testicle over the weekend and finished out the game.

During Saturday’s Super League Grand Final, the Warrington forward intercepted an evil knee blast to his groin, causing one of his testicles to literally explode - an injury that should have put him out for the rest of the game - one that would have put most of us out a lot longer than that.

However, the 31-year-old maniac did not act as if the injury deterred his focus at all, refusing to come in off the field for treatment and instead, pressed on to lead his team into a 26-18 victory against Leeds. After conducting several post-game interviews (making no mention of his injury), Wood was transported to a local hospital where his testicle was surgically removed.

The next morning he tweeted, "Ruptured my right testicle, got a knee 1 minute into the second half, had to have it removed," followed by an afternoon post that stated, "Just coming out the hospital to go home... Seriously feel like I've left something?"

It appears as if this sort of testicular tragedy happens often in the game of rugby: In 2004, St. Helens forward Chris Flannery played nearly an entire game with a torn testicle.

We are going to stick to watching this vicious sport on television down at the local tavern. After all, we are not aware of any man that has ruptured his nuts on a bar stool.