Even if you do live under a rock, you probably still heard the news on Friday that Donald Glover would be joining the Star Wars Han Solo prequel movie as dapper smuggler Lando Calrissian. Since the news broke, fans have speculated as to how the two characters would come together in the story. Would Lucasfilm focus on the earlier days of Han Solo’s smuggling career and the friendship between the two men? Or would it get right to the heart of the matter and show Han Solo winning the Millennium Falcon from his friend?

If the rumor mill is to be believed, the film will focus on the latter. A few days ago, Hollywood Reporter writer Borys Kitt (via /Film) shared a few sources who claimed the untitled Han Solo movie would feature one of the biggest moments in Star Wars lore:

While the films make only passing reference to the loss of the Millennium Falcon, the books and comics that comprised the now-defunct Star Wars Extended Universe go into much greater detail. Han Solo beats Lando Calrissian at the final table of a sabacc  tournament —  space poker for the uninitiated  —  and, in the process, loses the deed to his personal transport ship. The entire exchange is detailed over at Wookieepedia if you would like to know the full story, but needless to say, the ship was won fair and square… or as fair and square as any underworld card game between smugglers can be.

Will the new Han Solo standalone movie follow the same script? Lucasfilm has said in the past it won’t shy away from bringing important characters and events from the books into the movies if they feel it is a good fit; we’ve already seen this with the character of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the animated Star Wars Rebels series. Given the information mentioned above, it wouldn’t surprise me if the film is bookmarked by the two major events in Han Solo’s youth: rescuing Chewbacca from slavers and winning the Millennium Falcon in a card game. I, for one, am all about a little Casino Royale action in space.