Detroit rapper Sada Baby doesn't have Eminem on his top five best Detroit rappers list.

In an interview Say Cheese Media posted Sunday (April 14), Sada says that the Shady Records founder makes no impact on his Mount Rushmore of D-Town's finest. If anything, Em is just an honorable mention to him.

"I ain't know we had trailer parks until I saw 8 Mile," Sada Baby told Say Cheese Media. "And I still don't know nobody that know that nigga. So it ain’t about being in the trenches, I’m just talking about as far as music and rappers and my Top 5 and my Mount Rushmore of Detroit rappers, Em is like an honorable mention. Just off the strength of 8 Mile.”

Sada Baby also claims that no one bumps Eminem in the streets of Detroit unless it's something new. He even asks his crew off camera if they listen to Eminem regularly, and takes their laughter as a "no." Eminem himself hasn't responded to Sada, but his friend Bizarre of D-12 has. In an Instagram video, Biz defends Em by saying he's not just Detroit's top five; he's top five in the world.

"I love all our young nigga coming up @sadababy Bandgang ..42 Dugg ..?" Bizarre wrote in his caption last night (April 16). "Stop trying to turn our city to against each other .. Oh yeah people always saying who has Eminem help from Detroit D12 . Obie trice ..king gordy .. but I guess we don’t count .. my top 5,in Detroit.. 1 Big herk 2 Esham 3 hydro ..4 Royce. 5 rocaine.. ‍♂️.."

Watch Sada Baby's interview and Bizarre's response for yourself below.

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