Saturday Night Live has always been known to be cutting edge and ground breaking with their comedy sketches. From 1975 all the way through 2014 the same can still be said.When people see a skit like this they may think too soon.

But when is something like this ever appropriate, it probably would have been less significant if they had waited months down the line.

I have always said the best kind of comedy is comedy that makes light of a very awkward situation.

Kennan Thompson plays a co-host for an early morning news St. Louis talk show trying to avoid talking about the riots in Ferguson, Missouri which took place, that past weekend.

Everything goes wrong, including a guest chef whose name happens to be "Darrell Wilson" (played by James Franco), and the chef only using the "whites" of the eggs.

I personally found this hilarious and it made a very bad situation just  a little bit funny.