Saturday Night Live has done some weird rap parodies in the past, but this one really takes the cake, or rather, the baby bottle.

In “The Baby Step,” SNL cast members are rapping babies who are performing a new dance that involves moving like a newborn baby who just discovered how to walk. Miley Cyrus, who was the night’s musical guest, leads the quartet of baby rappers as Soft Spot (Pete Davidson), Heavy Diaper (Chris Redd), One-Z (Kenan Thompson) and Baby Snatch (Miley) spit bars while wearing diapers.

Davidson as Soft Spot tries to get SNL host Larry David involved and, rightfully so, responds, “And I am not in this.” Finally, David has enough of the baby talk and blasts Cyrus and the cast members for wearing diapers and acting like a fool.

We don't think "The Baby Step" dance will catch on, but if you want to see some grown-ass people in diapers, click the video above.

Chris Reed also makes another appearance as Lil Wayne in a "Price of Right - Celebrity Edition" sketch. Watch it below.

Watch SNL's "The Price Is Right" Celebrity Edition

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