Saucy Santana is seemingly accusing Kodak Black of stealing his song "Walk."

Last night (Oct. 12), TheShadeRoom shared side-by-side photos of 2022 XXL Freshman Saucy Santana and Kodak Black wearing the same outfit and asked their followers who wore the look better. Yak chimed in in the comment section, posting, "All lives matter," along with an orange heart and shoulder shrug emojis. However, Saucy had a much different response.

"#TSBroStoleMySong," the "Material Girl" rapper commented.

Saucy Santana appears to be referencing his song "Walk," which was released in June 2021. Last month, Kodak Black released a song titled "Spin." Both tracks utilize the word "walk" over and over in the chorus.

"Uh, yeah, ho, yeah, I know that you can talk/You talkin’ all that shit, but let me see if you walk/Uh, let me see you walk (Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk)," Saucy raps on his song.

Kodak's Tye Beats-produced track finds him rhyming, "Walkin' and slidin' and steppin' and spinnin'/And standin' on bitches and standin' on business/Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk," on his chorus.

Both videos have a model runway theme. People on social media have pointed out the similarities.

"Biiiitch they say Saucy Santana song Walk is for the gworlz & Kodak Black song is for the gannnng!" one person tweeted along with crying laughing emojis.

"Feminine version and masculine Version," someone else posted in ShadeRoom's comments.

"I feel like it’s the same words but two different vibes," someone else added.

Kodak Black's song appears on his upcoming album Kutthroat Bill Vol. 1.

See Saucy Santana Appearing to Accuse Kodak Black of Stealing "Walk" and Listen to Both Tracks Below

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