Serena Williams is a Tennis Champ, and a Publicity Champ! She tweeted a picture of herself in a bra and panties and she has the internet buzzing. A lot of people are highly upset about this. I'm not really sure why. Do you think this pic was that big of a deal?

Serena Williams is one of my favorite athletes EVER. And yes it's because ofher actual Tennis skills (and that she's HOT!). Recently she tweeted a photo of herself, more like a shadow or a silhouette and many people were upset.

This stems just after she had a stalker that was trying to break into her home in Florida (read story here). Which is why a lot of people are upset. They're saying its hypocritical of her... She doesn't want to be stalked but she is teasing her followers/viewers. I disagree. While the photo definitely was sexy and the recent Video game ad she was in was risque, what's the difference than when she goes swimming. Have you seen those photos. I think they're worst than this pic. What's your take?