The word is out. Announcements have been made. Swim trunks have been exchanged. It’s too late to turn back now.

Seth MacFarlane, creator of edgy inappropriateness like ‘Family Guy,’ ‘American Dad!’ and ‘The Cleveland Show,’ will be hosting the 85th Academy Awards in February.

Known for his shoving-the-envelope comedy, MacFarlane might be just what the doctor ordered for Oscar night. If anyone can breathe new life into the broadcast, he can. (Although he'll probably slip it some tongue in the process.)

He knows how to walk on the tantalizing edge of what’s funny and what’s just plain wrong without alienating his audience. On top of that, he’s relevant, entertaining and not utterly self-absorbed, which is a trifecta often lacking in recent hosts.

He’s also an experienced emcee. Last month he kicked off the 38th season of ‘Saturday Night Live’ as a guest host, and previously, he helmed the much-needed Charlie Sheen roast. Both were done with razor-sharp wit and a charming (if menacing) game show host smile.

Suddenly, for the first time since we learned how to drive, we’re looking forward to Oscar night -- just to see what this guy might try. But after his Emmy-night gaffe, the Oscar producers might want to consider a brighter, more obvious microphone.

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