Shakira is back with another World anthem and an even sexier video. We're used to her shakin her hips that don't lie, but now she's working the pole! Check out her new song/video "Rabiosa" ft. Pitbull and see if she's got skills or not.

Shakira has no problem flaunting what her momma gave her! She may set the record for biggest tease of all-time. Well she's back at it again, and scooped up fellow Latin star Pitbull. A couple things you'll notice in the video. #1. Maybe the fact that she's working the pole.  I'll leave that alone for now. #2. Where the heck is Pitbull? Did he miss the plane to the video shoot? Or did she deem him not worthy enough to grind on her so she picked a random male model. #3. would have to be the black hair/wig she's wearing at times. I must say I liked it. Looked hot!Is this video too much?