Shaq recently sat down with Graham Bensinger and went into detail about how he went through $1 million in draft money in a single day.

This right here is why most NBA players go bankrupt so fast. Shaq is one of the biggest stars in NBA history, but that didn't stop him from making stupid decisions when he was first drafted. For example not only did he buy one $150,000 car, but he also bought one for his dad. There goes $300,000 right there. The rest of the rundown is pretty crazy considering like Shaq said he really didn't get a million dollar check, but more around the $600,000 range considering taxes and other deductibles.

One thing that Shaq pointed out is his two word answer to why blowing through all your draft money is so easy, FICA and sales tax. I really hope future NBA rookies look to this video to learn that putting some money away and not blowing it all at once is a very valuable lesson.