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Another Round Of Tax Refunds Will Be Issued This Week
According to a recent press release the IRS announced that another round of tax refunds will hit July 14th and more on July 16th.
Just in time with rumors of unemployment being kicked back and forcing Michiganders to pay that money back due to an error, these tax returns are a much-needed boost
Flint Public Library Looking To Raise $300K For Renovations
Flint's Public Library is in need of some pretty important renovations to bring everything up to speed.
With the final push for this last bit of donations, the new Flint Public Library will be set up for the next few decades. A drop in the hat compared to other things in Flint that need desperat…
Tyson Foods Recalls 4,500 Tons of Product
Tyson Foods recalls close to 4,500 tons of chicken products after finding out some products have been tainted with bacteria.
Reports are coming that two people have gotten seriously ill and one death, in particular, can be traced back to the tainted product...
Severe Thunderstorm Headed To Mid-Michigan Today
Make sure you keep an umbrella in the car today because we've got reports of a major thunderstorm headed to mid-Michigan today.
If the storm is anything like what touched down a week ago we could be in for a wild rife today, fingers are crossed that it's just a baby storm...
Gas Prices Are Finally On The Decline
The 4th of July weekend is over and according to AAA gas prices are finally going on the decline.
You know the deal people, every year prices go up for the independence day weekend with all the traveling going on. Now that we've hit the halfway point in the year prices should start to slowly and…
Someone Pulled A Gun On A Flint Waste Collector
Flint is having enough problems extending the current contract with Republic that handles the waste pickups in Flint. But now they have to be worried about Flint residents pulling guns on them.
Come on bro, just let them collect the trash, it's not that serious...
What You Can And Can’t Do This 4th Of July Weekend.
4th of July weekend is coming up fast and firework sellers and police are urging people to follow a simple list of Do's and Dont's that will help keep people safe.
I'll be honest, some of the stuff they put out on this list I had no idea I couldn't do...
City Of Flint Adjusts Their Waste Pickup Schedule
Due to a staffing issue, the city of Flint will have to alternate its waste pick-up by switching between yard waste and recycled waste on a weekly basis. 
It's just another addition to the annoying list of things that you'll have to tolerate if you live in the Flint area. 

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