Singer Omarion's new song 'You Like It' is a great comeback song.  We last heard from him on the compilation album from Maybach Music Group but now he's ready to release a new solo album. 

When you first listen to the new song from former lead member of B2K, you'll notice the song samples Debarge's 'I Like It.' Omarion opens up the song singing about a side chick he's been flirting with.  They're both willing to cheat on their partners and O tells her, you like it.

You've been showing me signs/You've been blowing me kisses/You've been trying to be mine/Girl I'm down if you're with it.

'You Like It' is the lead single from the his first solo album, 'Sex Playlist,' under Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group.  The release date for the album hasn't been released but you'll enjoy this song until then. Just recently, Omarion and his girlfriend Ashly Jones revealed they are having a baby together.

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