Smokepurpp and Lil Pump reunite. Today (July 27), the two 2018 XXL Freshmen unloaded a new track by the name of "Nephew," a ChaseTheMoney-produced new tune that definitely slaps.

The new track is one that includes plenty of the boasts and drug references that characterize the raps of Purpp and Pump. For the song, Purpp uses an almost-whisper-like delivery as he ends each sentence in his verse in a way that makes it sound like they're sinking.

"Serving to my aunty, yeah she a good custy/Oh, yeah, she know I'm keeping good musty/Serving to my uncle, my weed looking fluffy/Yeah, my uncle a good custy," Purpp raps on the track.

Using a similar delivery, Pump also makes time to spit about trapping, adding in a few hilarious bars along the way. "Nick bag, dime bag, sell it on the corner/Before you suck my dick you better sign a non-disclosure/Uber driver took me to the trap in a Toyota," spits Pump.

Check out "Nephew" below. Re-watch Purpp and Pump's 2018 XXL Freshman cypher with BlocBoy JB when you're done.

Smokepurpp via SoundCloud
Smokepurpp via SoundCloud

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