Snoop Dogg appeared on Sway in the Morning this week, and after a heartfelt interview with hosts Sway and Heather B., Jamie Foxx appeared and without a doubt made the air lighter with nonstop jokes.

Having been friends for decades, the two musicians had hilarious stories to share from their wild days during hip-hop's golden era. After making the entire room burst into laughter, Sway challenged them to come up with a song on the spot, which they happily accepted.

Advising his daughter not to listen, Foxx jumped right into the freestyle over Isley Brothers' "For the Love of You." "Bound to get you on your knees (Snoop, get 'em up, dog)/Hennessy and smoking weed with Snoop/That''s what we do (yeah, yeah, yeah)," he crooned.

On key, Snoop followed with "It's like Shade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5/Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx on my side/I got Sway to the right, Heather B, where you at?/Snoop Dogg 'bout to drop a rap/I come back with the scratch from the DJ/See when I rock they say 'What he say?'"

The rest of the freestyle catered to Snoop's back and forth with social media star Woah Vicky last week (May 11). "They had somethin' on the internet/About a White girl, but I didn't get upset, I just chilled/I just didn't pay attention, and kept to my mention," he spit as Jamie chimed in with gut-busting ad-libs.

"On my mission, it really didn't matter/’Cause right about now my pockets gettin' a little fatter/'Cause I sat her down and I gave her some game/I said don't you ever disrespect my name," he delivered. During the interview portion, Snoop addressed the Woah Vicky incident and joked that it's "mental health awareness month," addling later that Vicky and her associates don't know any better.

The Long Beach, Calif. legend also spoke to Sway about the inspiration behind his gospel album, Bible of Love, the reason for the hip-hop's current divide between generations, Tupac and his relationship with now-incarcerated music mogul, Suge Knight. "I love him. I appreciate everything he done for me, even the fact that he wanted me killed, all of that," the 220 lyricist admits. "'Cause I had to take it on the chin; it made me who I am. And I expressed that to him. I'm a forgiving brother. You tried but you missed, so we gon' move forward from that."

Watch Snoop's full interview below. The freestyle begins at the 22:23 mark.

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