In recent years, Long Beach rap legend Snoop Dogg has lifted his way into the medical cannabis scene, and so far he's made nothing but strides in the industry. Over the last few years, he's claimed ownership of eight different strains and a website that's been deemed the "marijuana encyclopedia," aptly-titled Merry Jane. Now, Snoop has just released his latest product for smokers nationwide (and Canada) and it'll only cost you a little over one hundred bucks.

In collaboration with Famous Brandz, Snoop Dogg is now pushing POUNDS Smoking Accessories, which includes a plethora of premium water pipes (also known as bongs) and other intricate smoking add-ons. The rapper gave all five products his own personal aesthetic by titling the Pentagram brand designed bongs after all of his recording studios. With names like Battleship, Mothership, Rocketship, Spaceship and Starship, one hit out of these is guaranteed to send you out of this world.

Snoop had this to say about the POUNDS brand: “POUNDS is my way of offering and sharing a premium smoking experience for any consumers. Whether you’re into flower or oil, POUNDS has the product for you.”

POUNDS products range between $129-$279 and are available for purchase in all 50 states and Canada, in-store and online. Purchase yours on at local smoke shops or on and Follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram for more info, and take a look at Snoop's new products below.


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