After having arguably one of the biggest comebacks of 2018, it appears Soulja Boy is going through it in 2019, since he's now having to deny he's using drugs following fan accusations.

In January alone, the budding tech entrepreneur almost lost his life in a car accident, which was caused by the California mudslides. Now, folks on social media have been comparing old and new photos of Soulja Boy and are suggesting that he’s on drugs.

But that’s not the case, says Soulja.

On Friday (Jan. 11), the Fuego artist went on Instagram Live to make it clear that he's not on crack or cocaine. And as far as how his face looks, he blames it on the accident he suffered earlier this month.

"First of all, I want to say, for everybody that's saying, 'Soulja Boy look like he's on drugs. Soulja Boy look bad. Soulja boy look like he's on crack, on powder.' Bitch, don't play with me like that!" he says. "I ain't never did crack in my life, bitch. I'm worth muthafucking $30 million, nigga. I never did cocaine in my life."

"I was just in a bad car accident two days ago, bitch, I almost lost my life," he continued. "I hit my fucking face on the fucking dashboard on the car, bitch, and my shit swollen and my teeth, I need surgery and shit, nigga."

"Don't be making fun of my fucking appearance and my fucking looks, nigga," he added. "I'm worth 30 million, google that shit. Y'all got me fuck up."

We can understand Soulja Boy's frustrations with people judging his appearance. But we hope that he has a safe and successful year nonetheless.

Check out Soulja Boy denying he's on drug in his angry rant below.

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