I'm not personally terrified of spiders, but I understand how people could be. I mean think about it, they're eight legged freaks!

...see what I did there?

Everyone has a phobia, and if you say you don't you're lying. I personally suffer from Musophobia, which is a fear of mice. Ever since I was a young kid I've been terrified of mice, rats, gerbils, or anything that looks like a rodent. I don't exactly know how I got this fear, but even the thought of those little bastards gives me goosebumps.

Thanks to this new invention people who are scared of spiders can now easily catch them and release them back outside. The 'My Critter Catcher' tool is designed to trap spiders and other insects by using tiny brushes to capture the insect. Although I think this is a genius idea, why can't it kill the little pest so it doesn't just walk back into your house to watch you sleep?

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